Important Reasons To Hire A Lawyer For Your Upcoming FMLA Law Case

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When you own a business, you may try to be as fair and reasonable as possible with all of your employees' requests. You may especially try to honor the requests of workers who want or need to take personal time off for family issues.

However, you are also bound by certain laws that can dictate how long workers can take off and under what circumstances. You may defend yourself and your business against false allegations and wrongful lawsuits when you hire an experienced attorney to handle your FMLA law case.

Providing Evidence

Under the federal laws that pertain to this type of leave for workers, you may be able to grant time off if an employee's situation falls within those mandates. However, if that person wants to take time off for some other reason, they may take legal action against you if you deny the leave of absence.

When you have an attorney on retainer with FMLA law case experience, you may be able to provide solid evidence to defend why you denied that worker's leave. You can show this person's request did not fall within federal laws, and you had every right to deny that person's request to take time off from work.

Defending against False Accusations

Your FMLA law case attorney can also help defend your business against false allegations. For example, the worker who brings legal action against you may accuse you of not giving them enough time off from work. This person may argue you required them to come back to work too early and failed to provide the full length of the requested time off.

You can use records from your time clock and payroll to show you provided enough time off as the law requires. You can also show that this worker was not at work on the days or weeks in question and prove exactly for how long this person was on leave. You can prove you are innocent of shortchanging that person their leave or requiring that person to come back to work prematurely.

An attorney who has FMLA law case experience can help represent your business and you in contentious litigation. This attorney can gather and provide proof to bolster your claims of treating workers' requests for time off fairly. Your lawyer can also show proof that these workers asked for time off for reasons outside of the mandates for this type of leave or were provided with sufficient time off from their jobs.